5 Tips to Keeping Your New Red Gable Home Cool This Summer

We all know how miserably hot the summer can be in Denton. Texas will again have some record-breaking heat waves this year, as we do most summers. That can send your electric bill through the roof. So, it is time to take every measure you can to cool your house for less money this year. You can put the savings towards a fun family vacation instead of spending it on your electricity. Here are some ways that you can keep your new Red Gable Home nice and cool this summer. 

Honeywell Smart Thermometer

If you have purchased a Red Gable Home recently than you have been lucky enough to have a home that comes equipped with a top of the line Honeywell Smart Thermometer. This will be your best defense against the summer heat. You’ll love this smart programmable device. It will save you on your electric bill while ensuring that you stay comfortably cool all summer long. 


Denton Texas is hot in the summertime and heat can get in through your closed windows. Stop this by hanging blinds and keeping them closed. Of course, many of us don’t want to sit in a house with all the blinds shut, especially if you happen to have a gorgeous view outside. Fortunately, you can purchase convenient home window tint to help keep the sun’s rays and heat out of your house.  With a Red Gable Home your home comes standard with energy efficient windows that keep that hot air outside where it should be. 

Spare Rooms

There is no need to cool rooms that you don’t use. Close the vents and keep the doors shut to all your spare rooms. If you need to use one, it’s easy enough to open those vents back up.

Ceiling Fans

Did you know that you are supposed to change the direction of your ceiling fan depending on the season? In the Texas heat, you will want to have your fan blades moving in a counter clockwise direction. Turn your fan speed up a bit and you will be able to feel it’s cooling breeze. This will help you save some money on your electric bill.


Using your stove and especially your oven tends to raise the temperature in your house while you’re cooking. Having your oven turned up to 350 degrees or more for an extended period of time is going to cause you to have to use more electricity. You’ll have to lower the temperature on your thermostat to compensate for that extra heat pouring out of your oven or off your stove. You can avoid this by using some small appliances, like slow cookers or toaster ovens. To cook your meat, try a grill. Not only does food taste amazing from a grill, but it won’t heat your house.

Just trying these 5 simple ideas can really have a great impact on your electric bill. Try them out and see the difference they make. Your wallet will be glad you did!

Why is everyone moving to Texas?

Texas continues to be America’s fastest-growing state. There are many reasons why people are flocking to the Lone Star State. With many metropolitan areas to choose from, the fastest-growing area in the country was the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area which includes 13 counties in Texas. In the last year alone, the DFW area gained over 146,000 new residents. Texas attracts people domestically and internationally. So now you’re wondering why? Texas is more than just the largest State in the nation, it boasts from all four seasons and promises to give you real summers, and real winters (maybe not as much snow). With affordability, jobs, great schools and more, people continue to make the largest state in the country their home. 

The cost of living in Texas is lower than the average state. With a lower unemployment rate than any other state, the possibilities in Texas are endless. With home prices soaring across the country, Texas is still a state where you can purchase a well-sized home for well under $500,000. There are few places where you are able to do that and not have to compromise your quality of life. With a rich culture and plenty to do, there are many cities to choose from when making your big move. With so many options, Texas continues to give you the opportunity to not just select an existing home, but purchase and build one with your desires in mind. According to Zillow, Texas has a healthy housing market but more people are choosing to build a new home instead of joining the crazy bidding wars. With over 168 million acres of land, there are definitely options when it comes to choosing the place for your new home. 

With its diverse cities, energetic towns, rich culture, and affordable housing its easy to see why so many people are choosing to make the state of Texas their forever home. If you are looking to move and have questions, we would love to help! 

3 Great Tips for New Homeowners

Congratulations! You’ve just bought a house from one of the best home builders in Denton, Texas. Now what? Here are some tips to consider between unpacking, decorating and making your new house into a home!

1. Get Organized

Establish a filing system early on to stash all those owner’s manuals, receipts from large purchases, insurance papers, repair invoices and other important documents. Having all your important paperwork organized will make your life much easier down the road, and it’s always simpler to organize as you go, rather than having to go through a mountain of papers all at once!

2. Get in Touch With Nature

As the Chinese Proverb goes, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best time is now! Don’t wait to landscape your property! Plant deciduous trees like the Red Oak on the east or west side of your home. Leafy trees pull double duty – not only do mature trees increase property values, they also provide shade that naturally cools your home in the hot Texas summer months. Just be sure to plant trees a safe distance from your home’s foundation and any power lines.

3. Get Online and Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Join Nextdoor to get plugged in, find Facebook groups for your new neighborhood and town, and join the Neighborhood Watch to help keep your streets safe! Reaching out on Social Media is a great way to get to know your area, get recommendations for local businesses and hot spots, and share information! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to follow Red Gable Homes on Facebook, Instagram and Houzz!

Around Town

With a population of over 120,000 people, Denton is one of the hidden gems of Texas. From its prime location just 45 minutes north of Dallas and Ft. Worth to its friendly and down to earth residence, more people are choosing to move to this great city daily. Denton prides itself on the fact that it’s been able to create the feel of a big city, without losing its small-town charm. 

One of our favorite things about Denton is the fact that there are so many options when it comes to enjoying your day. From hanging out shopping and people watching on the beautiful downtown square to experiencing the Victorian home museums within walking distance, you are sure to find something for everyone’s taste. With such a vibrant community, there is always something to do in this great town. Denton boasts 3 libraries, a beautiful and historic town square, its own airport, and more delicious restaurants than we can count. Not to mention, Denton is home to The University of North Texas (UNT) and Texas Women’s University (TWU).

One of the many benefits of having UNT right in the heart of our city is the creativity when it comes to music and art that envelopes this town. Denton is rich in culture and has been a launching pad for many well-known and award-winning musicians such as Norah Jones, Eli Young Band, and Snarky Puppy to name a few. Don’t be surprised to see a famous musician jamming away in one of the local coffee shops, or music venues in town on any given night! That’s just one of the quirks that makes this city so great. 

In the last few years, people have increasingly decided to set roots and move to Denton. Whether it’s a family with children or someone who has decided to retire, Denton has opened its arms and embraced them all. With their recognized school district and their local attractions, many have decided to make Denton their home, and we understand why. If you haven’t visited this great town, stop by and say hi! We would love to meet you!

5 Hot Home Trends for 2018

Whether your home is ready for a facelift or you’re decorating a gorgeous new Red Gable home, here are some hot decor trends from decorating experts that will make your home a swoon-worthy masterpiece!

#1 – Coziness

You don’t have to give up the decor pieces you love to stay up with 2018 style! Comfy is the way to go! Surround yourself with the things you love and that make you happy. Going eclectic allows you to mix and match things of style with things of comfort and safety.

#2 – Zen

Creating harmonious and relaxing areas in your home does the body good. Using materials such as natural fibers and wood with natural, meditative colors brings a spa-like atmosphere home for you to enjoy everyday. Don’t forget to add green in 2018! Go for colorful, hard-to-kill plants in unique, colorful planters and stands and create your indoor greenhouse.

#3 – Flexibility

Styles change so fast and we all want to keep up so when looking for new items, keep portability and purpose in mind! If you find yourself constantly wanting change in your decor, consider renting furniture. Renting allows you to change the look of your home whenever you feel the desire without the expense and hassle of replacing anchor furniture. Another way to stay flexible is to consider pieces that are easily potable and multifunctional. Choosing flexible decor pieces allows you to move them from room to room making changing a look fun an easy.  Another simple and inexpensive way to update your decor is changing throw pillows on your couches, accent chairs and beds with the seasons.

#4 – Playful

Don’t forget the kids when decorating your home. Hot for 2018 are loft beds, which are versatile and fun. Create your little guy an awesome loft fort or your little princess a flowing canopy. Add colorful wall decals, bedding, and storage for an amazing play area that’s easy to keep organized.

#5 – Mix It Up

Gone are the days of having to match your cabinetry hardware to the plumbing fixtures! And you can keep you expensive stainless steel and your favorite gold tone drawer pulls. Mixing metallics is the way to go in 2018, especially in the kitchen. The favorite metals for this year are brass and rose gold.

Red Gable Goes Green As An Energy Star Partner

Red Gable Homes and Energy Star Partnership

The EPA’s Energy Star program was established in 1992 in an effort to maximize energy efficiency saving, not only consumer dollars, but also protecting the environment for future generations. Since its inception, American families and businesses have saved $430 billion dollars in energy costs and greatly reduced emissions. In order for a home plan to earn an Energy Star rating, it is independently reviewed and verified and passes EPA field verification requirements.

85% of US homebuyers choose one home plan over another based on energy efficiency. Building a home designed to maximize energy usage assures homeowners they are lowering their energy bills and protecting the environment and the same time. Check out some other benefits of choosing an Energy Star rated plan:

Peace of Mind: Energy Star rated builders follow the best building practices and are independently inspected by certified professionals. This means you can be confident that things were done right the first time.

Continuing Quality: Energy efficient features using a combination of materials and equipment provide higher performance and quality.

Maximum Value: Higher efficiency leads to 15%-30% reduction in utility and maintenance costs compared to non-Energy Star rated homes.

Red Gable Homes is a proud Energy Star Partner designing and building new homes that meet strict Energy Star specifications. Each home is built with specific energy efficient features and building practices that ensures they are 15%-30% more energy efficient than other new homes being built. Home design coupled with choosing Energy Star rated products such as high-efficiency heating & cooling, complete thermal enclosure system, efficient lighting & appliances, and water protections gives home owners peace of mind that they are saving the most they can on their energy cost and doing their part to ensure a cleaner environment for future generations.

Contact Red Gable Home today to learn more about their Energy Star floor plans!

3 Reasons To Build vs.
Buy Your Next Home

When the time is right for a new home for your family, there are two options: buy an existing home or build a new one. While there are pros and cons for each, here are some benefits to building a new home that you may not have considered:

1) Buyer Competition

According to the National Association of Realtors, the typical home is on the market for less than 30 days. This means that, often times, there is more than one buyer trying to purchase the same home. Properties move fast in Denton leaving home buyers, to face increasing purchase competition. When you choose to build, purchase competition is eliminated, along with having to spend time looking at properties, at home inspections, and negotiating with agents. Building your home allows you avoid the heartache of losing your dream home to another buyer!

2) A Fresh Start

Building a new home means a fresh start and freedom from worrying about impending repairs that could strangle a budget. Older HVAC units, hot water heaters, roofs and foundations all can cost thousands of dollars to update or repair. New homes are built up to code using cutting edge technology and energy efficient features, which leads to lower energy costs, lower maintenance, lower insurance premiums and less stress for you!

3) Creative Control

When you buy an existing home, you inherit someone else’s choices; their floor plan, location, and style choices. A bathroom remodel can cost over $18,000, while a minor kitchen remodel could run you close to $20,000 (Remodeling.com, 2017). But when you build your own home, you get to customize many features like picking a floor plan that suits you and your families needs, choosing landscaping packages, and other design features that show your design esthetic.  A spacious master bathroom suite or walk in closet is tough to find in an older home, but when you build your new home, you can choose how to spend your space.