Energy Efficiency

At Red Gable Homes, energy-efficient construction is a priority in every home we build.  To accomplish this we use the newest industry-leading construction techniques, appliances and technology.  As a result, your new home is far more energy efficient than existing homes.


Today’s homeowners want to feel confident that their home meets or exceeds well-established energy requirements. In homebuilding, energy efficiency is scored based on the Home Energy Rating System, or HERS. This industry standard helps customers compare their home’s energy performance to other homes. All Red Gable homes receive a HERS index that not only meets but surpasses the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

Before we turn over the keys to you, we have your home inspected and certified by an independent, third party rating provider that specializes in energy efficiency. We even provide each homebuyer an Energy Rating Index Certificate for their home to have on file for future sales or refinances.


Energy Star Appliances – We select only the most energy-efficient appliances to make it easy for your family to conserve energy and water
HVAC Systems – Each home receives a right-sized heating and cooling system, which achieves year-round comfort and incredible energy efficiency with the lowest long-term operation costs.
High Performance Vinyl Windows – We install high-performance vinyl windows which prevent leakage and offer a higher efficiency rating than other options. Our windows offer an ideal balance of solar control and high visibility, helping to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
LED Light Bulbs – All homes comes standard with long-lasting LEDs on all non-decorative fixtures, which helps to keep your power bill low.
Enhanced Thermal Systems – Each home includes optimal insulation protection for high efficiency. Superior insulation also keeps your home comfortable and minimizes external noise.
Radiant barrier roof decking –  This technique prevents heat from entering your home through the roof and insulation, keeping interior living spaces comfortable and lowering your energy costs.
Well-ventilated attics – Our homes are designed with well-ventilated attics, which prevents excessive heat and moisture buildup to avoid costly damages and keep interior cooling costs low.


Highly rated HVAC systems – Our air conditioning and heating systems are among the most energy-efficient on the market, saving you money throughout all four seasons.
Air Pressure Balancing – We use dedicated returns and Return Air Pathways to achieve balanced air pressure throughout your home. This creates more even temperatures, even during the winter, and reduces the potential for condensation build-up.
Fresh Air ventilation – High-quality ventilation systems deliver fresh, filtered air to reduce dust, odors and indoor contaminants.
Dedicated exhaust system – We install vents throughout the home to allow heated and odor-laden gases to escape, rather than lingering in the home.

Smart Systems

Programmable Wifi-enabled thermostats. Our intelligent Wifi-enabled thermostats from Honeywell are programmable from your smart phone, enabling you to create customized heating and cooling schedules. In addition to being convenient, these thermostats can also maximize your home’s HVAC efficiency to save energy and money.

For final authority on each community’s standard and available options,
please refer to the standard specifications document provided by the sales counselor.