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5 Hot Home Trends for 2018

Whether your home is ready for a facelift or you’re decorating a gorgeous new Red Gable home, here are some hot decor trends from decorating experts that will make your home a swoon-worthy masterpiece!

#1 – Coziness

You don’t have to give up the decor pieces you love to stay up with 2018 style! Comfy is the way to go! Surround yourself with the things you love and that make you happy. Going eclectic allows you to mix and match things of style with things of comfort and safety.

#2 – Zen

Creating harmonious and relaxing areas in your home does the body good. Using materials such as natural fibers and wood with natural, meditative colors brings a spa-like atmosphere home for you to enjoy everyday. Don’t forget to add green in 2018! Go for colorful, hard-to-kill plants in unique, colorful planters and stands and create your indoor greenhouse.

#3 – Flexibility

Styles change so fast and we all want to keep up so when looking for new items, keep portability and purpose in mind! If you find yourself constantly wanting change in your decor, consider renting furniture. Renting allows you to change the look of your home whenever you feel the desire without the expense and hassle of replacing anchor furniture. Another way to stay flexible is to consider pieces that are easily potable and multifunctional. Choosing flexible decor pieces allows you to move them from room to room making changing a look fun an easy.  Another simple and inexpensive way to update your decor is changing throw pillows on your couches, accent chairs and beds with the seasons.

#4 – Playful

Don’t forget the kids when decorating your home. Hot for 2018 are loft beds, which are versatile and fun. Create your little guy an awesome loft fort or your little princess a flowing canopy. Add colorful wall decals, bedding, and storage for an amazing play area that’s easy to keep organized.

#5 – Mix It Up

Gone are the days of having to match your cabinetry hardware to the plumbing fixtures! And you can keep you expensive stainless steel and your favorite gold tone drawer pulls. Mixing metallics is the way to go in 2018, especially in the kitchen. The favorite metals for this year are brass and rose gold.