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Red Gable Goes Green As An Energy Star Partner

Red Gable Homes and Energy Star Partnership

The EPA’s Energy Star program was established in 1992 in an effort to maximize energy efficiency saving, not only consumer dollars, but also protecting the environment for future generations. Since its inception, American families and businesses have saved $430 billion dollars in energy costs and greatly reduced emissions. In order for a home plan to earn an Energy Star rating, it is independently reviewed and verified and passes EPA field verification requirements.

85% of US homebuyers choose one home plan over another based on energy efficiency. Building a home designed to maximize energy usage assures homeowners they are lowering their energy bills and protecting the environment and the same time. Check out some other benefits of choosing an Energy Star rated plan:

Peace of Mind: Energy Star rated builders follow the best building practices and are independently inspected by certified professionals. This means you can be confident that things were done right the first time.

Continuing Quality: Energy efficient features using a combination of materials and equipment provide higher performance and quality.

Maximum Value: Higher efficiency leads to 15%-30% reduction in utility and maintenance costs compared to non-Energy Star rated homes.

Red Gable Homes is a proud Energy Star Partner designing and building new homes that meet strict Energy Star specifications. Each home is built with specific energy efficient features and building practices that ensures they are 15%-30% more energy efficient than other new homes being built. Home design coupled with choosing Energy Star rated products such as high-efficiency heating & cooling, complete thermal enclosure system, efficient lighting & appliances, and water protections gives home owners peace of mind that they are saving the most they can on their energy cost and doing their part to ensure a cleaner environment for future generations.

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