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5 Tips to Keeping Your New Red Gable Home Cool This Summer

We all know how miserably hot the summer can be in Denton. Texas will again have some record-breaking heat waves this year, as we do most summers. That can send your electric bill through the roof. So, it is time to take every measure you can to cool your house for less money this year. You can put the savings towards a fun family vacation instead of spending it on your electricity. Here are some ways that you can keep your new Red Gable Home nice and cool this summer. 

Honeywell Smart Thermometer

If you have purchased a Red Gable Home recently than you have been lucky enough to have a home that comes equipped with a top of the line Honeywell Smart Thermometer. This will be your best defense against the summer heat. You’ll love this smart programmable device. It will save you on your electric bill while ensuring that you stay comfortably cool all summer long. 


Denton Texas is hot in the summertime and heat can get in through your closed windows. Stop this by hanging blinds and keeping them closed. Of course, many of us don’t want to sit in a house with all the blinds shut, especially if you happen to have a gorgeous view outside. Fortunately, you can purchase convenient home window tint to help keep the sun’s rays and heat out of your house.  With a Red Gable Home your home comes standard with energy efficient windows that keep that hot air outside where it should be. 

Spare Rooms

There is no need to cool rooms that you don’t use. Close the vents and keep the doors shut to all your spare rooms. If you need to use one, it’s easy enough to open those vents back up.

Ceiling Fans

Did you know that you are supposed to change the direction of your ceiling fan depending on the season? In the Texas heat, you will want to have your fan blades moving in a counter clockwise direction. Turn your fan speed up a bit and you will be able to feel it’s cooling breeze. This will help you save some money on your electric bill.


Using your stove and especially your oven tends to raise the temperature in your house while you’re cooking. Having your oven turned up to 350 degrees or more for an extended period of time is going to cause you to have to use more electricity. You’ll have to lower the temperature on your thermostat to compensate for that extra heat pouring out of your oven or off your stove. You can avoid this by using some small appliances, like slow cookers or toaster ovens. To cook your meat, try a grill. Not only does food taste amazing from a grill, but it won’t heat your house.

Just trying these 5 simple ideas can really have a great impact on your electric bill. Try them out and see the difference they make. Your wallet will be glad you did!