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Why is everyone moving to Texas?

Texas continues to be America’s fastest-growing state. There are many reasons why people are flocking to the Lone Star State. With many metropolitan areas to choose from, the fastest-growing area in the country was the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area which includes 13 counties in Texas. In the last year alone, the DFW area gained over 146,000 new residents. Texas attracts people domestically and internationally. So now you’re wondering why? Texas is more than just the largest State in the nation, it boasts from all four seasons and promises to give you real summers, and real winters (maybe not as much snow). With affordability, jobs, great schools and more, people continue to make the largest state in the country their home. 

The cost of living in Texas is lower than the average state. With a lower unemployment rate than any other state, the possibilities in Texas are endless. With home prices soaring across the country, Texas is still a state where you can purchase a well-sized home for well under $500,000. There are few places where you are able to do that and not have to compromise your quality of life. With a rich culture and plenty to do, there are many cities to choose from when making your big move. With so many options, Texas continues to give you the opportunity to not just select an existing home, but purchase and build one with your desires in mind. According to Zillow, Texas has a healthy housing market but more people are choosing to build a new home instead of joining the crazy bidding wars. With over 168 million acres of land, there are definitely options when it comes to choosing the place for your new home. 

With its diverse cities, energetic towns, rich culture, and affordable housing its easy to see why so many people are choosing to make the state of Texas their forever home. If you are looking to move and have questions, we would love to help!